Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Halloween/New puppies

I know I'm really late with this, but things have been crazy busy lately. On Halloween, we got two beagle pups, Jack (who is Isaiah's) and Brownie, (who I guess is Braydon's, that's what Isaiah will tell you anyway). They are so cute and the boys love them. (I personally think they are scared of the boys, but what puppy wouldn't be!) The boys were farmers for Halloween, and the puppies had to go trick or treating with us. So we loaded up in the wagon and headed down the street. It was quite an experience. Braydon rode in the wagon, and the pups were licking his face, which he didn't like. Then they tried to get the sucker that he was eating to keep him quiet for the ride. I thought the boys looked so cute, like that old picture with the little kids in bibs standing around a farm.

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