Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

They got a little silly trying to take the picture, they were having a good time!
Here is the picture that I made into Christmas cards. I think it's so cute!
I'll put it right here, Mommy. That spot on the tree has tons of ornaments on it!

Here the boys are helping me decorate the tree. Braydon will actually be much better at undecorating the tree, since he really like to take ornaments off. The boys really like the ornaments that are like bells!

Halloween/New puppies

I know I'm really late with this, but things have been crazy busy lately. On Halloween, we got two beagle pups, Jack (who is Isaiah's) and Brownie, (who I guess is Braydon's, that's what Isaiah will tell you anyway). They are so cute and the boys love them. (I personally think they are scared of the boys, but what puppy wouldn't be!) The boys were farmers for Halloween, and the puppies had to go trick or treating with us. So we loaded up in the wagon and headed down the street. It was quite an experience. Braydon rode in the wagon, and the pups were licking his face, which he didn't like. Then they tried to get the sucker that he was eating to keep him quiet for the ride. I thought the boys looked so cute, like that old picture with the little kids in bibs standing around a farm.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Fall

Isaiah roasting something....he didn't want a hot dog at first, so he just kept the stick in the fire. He had a good time playing with his friends from daycare, and meeting some more friends.
Here are the kids at the hayride, except the three littlest ones. I was amazed that we could get a halfway decent picture of seven kids under the age of 4! There were 10 kiddos there, and they had a blast. We are going to make it a yearly tradition.

The next pictures are of Peachtree Farms. We took Isaiah out there when he was just over a year old, and have been back every year since. We have so much fun there, it's a great place for the kids. This is Brian and the boys in the maze. Isaiah loved it, and went through at least twice, Braydon wasn't so sure when it got really dark in there.

Braydon and a turkey...he walked right up to it and tried to pet it.
Trying to get a picture of the boys's not easy!

Braydon walking around the pumpkin patch.
Isaiah found a caterpillar, which he carried around for quite a while. Finally, we put it in a sunflower patch so it could find it's mommy and take a nap....I thought we would have to bring it home!
Petting the goats...they have quite a few animals to pet, and a hayride, and a lot of pumpkins.. I highly recommend it if you live in the Columbia area!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Fall

Here are the boys at the Hartsburg Pumpkin Fest. Isaiah loved climbing on the pumpkins!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Birthday Boys!

Isaiah's 3rd Birthday...he loved his tractor cake!
Braydon turning 1...Braydon had fun messing with his cake!
I'm just getting started with this blogging thing!! Here are pictures from the boy's birthday parties...just to get you started. They both had great parties, and got spoiled rotten from all their presents. They are growing so fast!