Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting Big!

The above picture was taken on Valentine's day...I love how her little hand is under her sweet

Here she is (above) at 1 week...we were getting ready to go to Isaiah's Valentine's party at preschool...he loved introducing his new sister to his friends

Here she is ready to go on her first Menard's to pick out showers for our new house! (she slept the whole time!)

These are about the only pictures I have....Brian takes the camera a lot to take picture of our new house. I'll post them soon. We will be ready for paint about the middle of March, if all goes according to plan, so my goal next week is to have paint picked out!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Introducing Ava Marie

We welcomed our new little girl, Ava Marie, to the world Thursday, February 4th at 7:54 am. She weighed 8 lbs. 2 ozs. and was 19 and a half inches long. She has quite a bit of light brown, almost blond hair. We, of course, think she's the most beautiful little thing on the planet! Her big brothers adore her! Isaiah, especially, loves to hold her and spent a long time rocking her and singing to her last night. She is doing well, her pediatrician even says she's perfect and gorgeous! I'll post more pics when we get home and get settled in (I actually don't have very many pictures on my camera because I spend most of my time holding her!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Update on Life!

I haven't updated this in a while, but the Jolly's have been very busy! We celebrated Thanksgiving with our families, and on that Sunday, the boys were pretending to be Buzz Lightyear and jumping off the furniture (I know, not a very safe thing to do, but how do you stop a 4 year old and a 2 year old that are as stubborn as they come!). Braydon jumped for what had to be the 20th time, and we heard a snap. We took him to the ER the next day, and he had broken his leg. He is now sporting a very cool camo cast, which hasn't slowed him down any at all, until January 5th, when it will hopefully be taken off. In the meantime, we were busy packing because we were going to close on our house on Dec. 9th, so we were moving to Fulton. We moved that week, and started construction on our new house in Millersburg. It was so exciting to see the construction actually start. Brian is doing as much of the work himself as he can, he put in a road to the property, and did the excavation for the house site himself. Just as we were getting settled in Fulton, a week and a half AFTER our closing was supposed to happen, they called and said that the buyer couldn't obtain financing, so we didn't have our house sold, and had to hurry and move back to Columbia (I don't recommend moving twice in one month, especially when you're over 7 months pregnant...not fun). But we got settled back "home" and have had a wonderful Christmas. Now, I'm busy preparing for the arrival of our baby girl on February 4th. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you the best for the New Year!
Isaiah standing in his new room of our house
Isaiah's first Christmas program for preschool....he did such a good job, and we've been hearing the songs ever since!

The boys on Christmas morning...they loved their new scooters and racetrack!

The Chinn grandkids: Kaelyn, Isaiah, Braydon, and Kinley (this was a very difficult picture to take, but I think it turned out pretty good!)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Birthdays and such

Braydon at the pumpkin patch yesterday...I thought this was a great picture, but I couldn't get Isaiah to stay still long enough to get one of him too!

Well, it's been quite a while since I posted, so I thought I would catch everyone up. We have been busy, busy, busy!! Both of the boys have celebrated their birthdays, Isaiah had his 4th birthday party October 3rd, and Braydon's 2nd was in August. Brian and I are always commenting on how much they've grown, and how grown up they are. Isaiah started preschool this fall, and he loves it. It kind of made me sad that he didn't miss me at all the first day I dropped him off, but I'm glad he likes it. He's really into letters now, so we talk about what letter things start with! School has started for me, and I'm incredibly busy with that, but I'm enjoying my different position part time at the middle school and part time at Bush again. We found out on September 21st that we are having a little girl!! Everyone is so excited about a "baby sister", and yes...I've already been shopping for PINK! Here are some pictures of some fun things we've been doing lately!

This past weekend at the Pumpkin patch...we got the "biggest pumpkin in the world" while we were there!
Isaiah's Spiderman birthday party....we're going to be spiderman for Halloween too!
Isaiah's first day of preschool...such a big boy

Braydon's second birthday party....he had a cowboy cake

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stitches and Big News!

Well, summer got off to an interesting start. We planned on moving to Fulton the last weekend in May, but our loan fell through, by them saying that we had to have more money down and a bunch of money in reserve since we were going to be carrying two make a long story short, we had to let go of our house. I was so disappointed, but it will all work we are back at square one. The first two days of my summer break were spent with my family as my Uncle Bruce passed away. It was an emotional weekend and beginning of the week for my whole family, but he is in a better place, without any pain now.

Wednesday and Thursday I had to go to Fulton for a few vacation hadn't really started then either! The boys went with me, and played with a friend's daughter in the nursery of the church we were meeting at. About half an hour before we were breaking up, she called up to us and said that Braydon had fallen down and cut his forehead...we went downstairs, and sure enough..he was sobbing and had a bleeding head. Luckily, I could tell that there wasn't anything else wrong with him, just the cut, but we decided to go to the ER to see if he needed stitches. After a 3 hour wait in the ER, we finally got back to the room and the doctor put three stitches in hi head. He was such a good boy while we were waiting though, and got a popcicle, which made everything better. We got them out today, and he didn't even cry. I'm sure it won't be the last time we end up in the hospital with stitches or broken bones:)

Although we were disappointed about not getting our house, we did give it all over to God (after a bit), and decided that he knows best...and sure enough, HE does..(funny how this always works out, even though I think my plans are pretty good). We found out that we are expecting baby #3 sometime in early far as I can tell. We go to the doctor on July 6th to make sure everything is ok and find out for sure when we are due! Sometimes our plans are not God's but His are always so much better! I'll keep everyone posted on new babies...and new injuries...and maybe a new house too! We are putting ours back on the market, hoping that we get ours sold and can move out into the country somewhere...probably not as big of a house as we had planned on, but one that will definately be filled with love!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I was trying to get a picture of the boys together in their cute shirts, but that didn't work out so well....they were much more interested in walking around the flower beds.

The Easter Bunny at Bass Pro, Braydon just woke up in time for it, I don't think he was too impressed.

Daddy and Braydon, the best seat of all!

Easter morning, the boys got new toothbrushes and wanted to try them out!

Coloring Easter Eggs

Braydon wasn't sure about the whole coloring thing...he knew that eggs have something to eat in them, so he went to the plastic ones from the egg hunt the day before and tried to find something to eat.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What we've been up to

Isaiah reading Kinley a book....he loves her so much, I think he needs a baby sister!
My Uncle Bruce and Aunt Connie had an egg hunt for all the kiddos...Braydon was asleep, but Isaiah and everyone else had fun...even us big kids!
Braydon with Nan grandma (he always goes to her when she has chocolate)
Mama, Papa, and the kiddos...Kinley was asleep in her swing!
Easter at Mama and Papa's
Swing me higher!
Look at my little monkey!


What a cool dude!
So...I'm really bad at getting these posted, but here is what we've been up to since last post! We took a couple of trips to the park...and are so ready for some warmer weather. We also had a wonderful Easter. Hope you enjoy!