Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas morning....Santa came!

Daddy got a belt and holster for his gun. He was really surprised and really liked it!
Isaiah playing with Rocket!
Braydon hugging his new Mickey Mouse...his favorite cartoon character.
Opening presents from Santa.
Isaiah with his new rocket. He loves the Little Einsteins, so we got him some movies and a chair and rocket. He wouldn't let me take a picture while he was opening it...he kept saying "mommy, wait till I'm done."
Braydon opening one of his presents. I think it may have been the only one he opened, because Isaiah "helped" him open the rest.

Family Christmas!

Isaiah, Kaelyn, and Uncle Daniel in the tent that Mama and Papa got the boys for Christmas. The thing takes up my living room!
Opening presents at Nana's house. (I think Isaiah opened everyone's)
New tractors!!

Kaelyn, Braydon, and Isaiah....what hams!
A present from Nana!
Braydon's new truck....but Isaiah likes to drive it!

Decorating cookies

Braydon just ate the cookies, which he really liked! I just kept icing the same one over and over.
Here are me and the boys making Christmas cookies....We got Daddy to do one, and that was it!
Isaiah took his job very seriously...some of the cookies had a lot of decorations. I took them to work, but I had to take out the ones that he touhed.